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Open Asset® is a real estate advisor and a property finance brand. Open Asset®’s capital is held solely by companies not belonging to bank or financial groups; we are therefore able to operate entirely free of conflicts of interest. Open Asset® prepares and supplies personalized solutions to meet the specific needs of the client – typically companies, banks, investment management companies, family office, leasing companies, mortgage credit institutions and public institutions – which require the combination of several specialized competencies, the capacity to innovate, a business focus, and knowledge of capital markets. Open Asset® is able to offer the best integrated solutions for the transformation and enhancement of real estate assets.

Professionalism at your services

Open Asset® provides independent management and advice services. As an independent brand, Open Asset® is able to supply objective and impartial advice. Open Asset®’s goal is to meet the needs of the client, providing them with the necessary support to tackle and resolve the problems in question.

Experience and Excellence

Open Asset®’s team is made up of professionals who possess considerable experience in the fields of management, tax law, real estate and finance with a strong focus on management and the solving of problems directly and indirectly connected to the life cycle of a real estate asset.


A project that come from the partners’s idea, by joining their correlated skills aimed at offer integrate real estate “tailor made” services. Open Asset offers a new flexible method with the purpose of identify incisive and current solutions.


Where someone see a problem, other foresee an opportunity. The Real Estate market evolution represent the opportunity to build onto new basis.

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Open Asset provides indipendent advisory and management services: