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Open Asset® is a real estate advisor and a property finance brand. Open Asset®’s capital is held solely by companies not belonging to bank or financial groups; we are therefore able to operate entirely free of conflicts of interest. Open Asset® prepares and supplies personalized solutions to meet the specific needs of the client – typically companies, banks, investment management companies, family office, leasing companies, mortgage credit institutions and public institutions – which require the combination of several specialized competencies, the capacity to innovate, a business focus, and knowledge of capital markets. Open Asset® is able to offer the best integrated solutions for the transformation and enhancement of real estate assets.

Professionalism at your services

Open Asset® provides independent management and advice services. As an independent brand, Open Asset® is able to supply objective and impartial advice. Open Asset®’s goal is to meet the needs of the client, providing them with the necessary support to tackle and resolve the problems in question.

Experience and Excellence

Open Asset®’s team is made up of professionals who possess considerable experience in the fields of management, tax law, real estate and finance with a strong focus on management and the solving of problems directly and indirectly connected to the life cycle of a real estate asset.

Open Asset®’s strength lies in the multidisciplinary nature of its partners’ experience and expertise. 
In particular: 
- The experience of some of our partners in real estate, accrued over many years of activity, enables us to find workable solutions, appropriate for developing the potential of each asset and making it profitable; 
- Our experience in finance, developed by partners specialized in this field, enables us to translate the value of an asset and transform it, when necessary, into financial instruments and attractive portfolios for national and international investors. 

360° Approach

Open Asset® provides specialized independent advice on property finance operations such as the creation of real estate funds, real estate investment companies and real estate vehicles, and on operations on non-performing loans with underlying real estate assets, ranging from due diligence to the management of single credits or credit packages, to finding buyers on the market, but also property, facility and agency management on the underlying assets. Our senior professionals are therefore always able to fully understand and overcome critical situations pertaining to each case and supply 360° advice, tailor-made for the individual needs of the client. For its operations and the management of distressed assets, Open Asset® has drawn up conventions and framework agreements with various regional and national banks.


A project that come from the partners's idea, by joining their correlated skills aimed at offer integrate real estate “tailor made” services. Open Asset offers a new flexible method with the purpose of identify incisive and current solutions.


Where someone see a problem, other foresee an opportunity. The Real Estate market evolution represent the opportunity to build onto new basis.

More solid.









Open Asset provides indipendent advisory and management services: